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BASKETBALL/FOOTBALL: ESPN loves him, teams have him back season after season, and some fans even come just to see him. The Rubberboy is one of the top most loved acts performing at half-time shows and for good reason. He packs 3 Guinness World Records, amazing dislocations and contortions, and unbelievable energy into the most incredible 6 minute act you have ever seen. Rubberboy is the only human in the world capable of doing this show and sports fans know it and want to see Rubberboy again and again.

BASEBALL "7th Inning Strrreetch" : During inning breaks, Rubberboy shows audiences the amazing skills that made Guinness call him the most flexible man in the world. He brings the agility, ability, and likeability that have earned him over 100 television appearances around the world. Fans love Rubberboy because he's an athlete of a very different kind. In addition to his jaw dropping inning break shows, Rubberboy can throw the opening pitch while tying his body in a knot.